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High School Clinic Number 469-272-2000 x7312 or 7313
  Laura Zebreski RN Ext. 7312 Email

CHHS Clinic

All students must have immunization records that are complete and current as determined by the State of Texas and Cedar Hill Independent School District . Personal records from a licensed physician or public health clinic with a signature or stamp validation will serve as a proof of immunization. Students who have not completed their immunizations must do so with deliberate speed and report this information to the nurse or aide immediately. Returning students, who were to have immunizations over the summer, will not be able to obtain their schedule or attend school until their record is updated and complete. New students, outside of Texas , need to have their record complete or series started to enroll. Transferring students, within the state of Texas , have no more than 30 days to have their records transferred from the previous school and be complete. If at the end of 30 days that record is incomplete, students will not be allowed to attend school until an up-to-date record is brought to the clinic. A student may be provisionally enrolled if he/she has begun the required immunizations and remains on schedule to complete them as rapidly as medically feasible.

Parents or guardians must cooperate with the state guidelines by making sure their student is current on their immunization record. The following are the immunization requirements for all 9-12 grade students for 2014-2015 school year. (For further information, see policy FFAC)

•  Three doses of any combination Td/DT/DTP/DTaP/DT vaccine (pertussis vaccine is not required)-last dose was to be given on or after 4th birthday. Td booster required if 10 years has lapsed since last dose of DTP/DTaP/DT.

•  Four doses of Polio (OPV/IPV), unless 3rd dose was given on or after 4th birthday, then only 3 doses. No IPV given after age 18.

•  Two doses of measles-containing vaccine (MMR) with the first dose on or after the 1st birthday.

•  For 9-11th grade students in 2014-2015 school year, three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine are required.

•  For 9-11th grade students in 2014-2015 school year, proof of varicella (chicken pox) disease or 1 dose of varicella vaccine received on or after 1st birthday and received before age 13. If 1st dose given at 13 years of age or older, need 2 doses at least 30 days apart.

•  From 2006-2007 on, Hepatitis B and Varicella will be required for all students.

Exception from the above requirements would be for medical, religious, or reasons of conscience.

•  For a medical exemption, a statement must be written and signed by a U.S. licensed physician stating that in their opinion, the specific immunization(s) would be harmful to the health and well being of the student. This has to be renewed yearly unless the physician states that the exemption from the specific immunization(s) is life-long.

·  Religious or Reasons of Conscience Exemptions need a signed affidavit obtained from TDH in Austin . Address can be obtained from the nurse. Religious exemptions prior to September 1, 2003 are life-long. Any new Religious or Reasons of Conscience exemptions have to be renewed every 2 years. 

Medication at School

No district employee will give a student prescription medication, nonprescription medication, herbal substances, or dietary supplements except:

Authorized employees, in accordance with policy, and;
If the medication is prescription, it must be provided by the parent, along with a written request (from the physician if the medication is ordered long term), and be in the original, properly labeled container.
If the medication is nonprescription, it must be provided by the parent, along with a written request, and be in the original, properly labeled container. If over the counter medication is to be given through out school year, a physician request is preferred.
If the substance is herbal or a dietary supplement, it must be provided by the parent and will be administered only if it is required by the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan for a student with disabilities. Otherwise, herbal medications or dietary supplements will not be dispensed in the district.
All medications should be dispensed from the school clinic under the supervision of the RN and/or aide. A student with asthma, who has written authorization from their parent and physician (or other licensed health care provider), may be permitted to possess and use prescribed asthma medication at school-related events. The student and parents should see the school nurse if the student has prescribed asthma medication for use during the school day.