No Pass No Play
Thursday, October 04, 2007
Update on Senate Bill 1517

Senate Bill 1517 was created during the 80th session of the Texas Legislature. The "No-Pass No-Play" statute was designed to prioritize the competing interests of high school academic performance and athletic competition. The statute requires a student participating in sports or an extra curricular activity to be suspended from the activity upon receiving a failing grade, at the end of a reporting period. The statute also authorizes school districts to exempt certain courses from the requirements.  While many school districts utilize their ability to exempt courses, others may not choose to do it. 

S.B. 1517 extends the requirements of the "No-Pass No-Play" statute to honors, advanced placement, international baccalaureate, and dual credit courses in English/Language Arts, mathematics, science, social studies, economics, or a language other than English.

The CHISD School Board approved courses designated as honors/pre-ap, advanced placement and dual credit courses for the 2007-2008 school year on December 11, 2006. The following courses are the only courses in which a student may be granted an eligibility waiver under SB 1517 for the 2007-2008 school year.

Honors/Pre-AP Courses:

            English II Pre-AP                   Biology I Pre-AP                   Chemistry 1 Pre-AP

            Physics I Pre-AP                   Geometry Pre-AP                 Algebra 2 Pre-AP

            Pre-Calculus Pre-AP            World History Pre-AP           U.S. History Pre-AP

            Spanish III Pre-AP                 Adv. Social Studies H          French III H

            Spanish II H                            Spanish IV H                          Anatomy & Phys. H


                                                AP and Dual Credit Courses

            English III AP              English IV AP                        AB Calculus AP

            BC Calculus AP                    Statistics AP                          Biology II AP

            World History AP                  U. S. History AP                    Government AP

            Economics AP                      Psychology AP                      Spanish III DC

            Creative Writing DC             Research Wrt. DC                Biology II AP


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